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Consolidated Statements of Income

Oct. 31 2016
Oct. 31 2016
(Unit: million yen)
 FY2016 2nd quarter consolidated
cumulative period
(April 1, 2015- September 30, 2015)
FY2017 2nd quarter consolidated
cumulative period
(April 1, 2016- September 30, 2016)
Consolidated quarterly statements of (comprehensive) income  
 Net sales16,44712,999
 Cost of sales6,2126,105
 Gross profit10,2356,893
 Selling, general and administrative expenses7,3935,575
 Operating income2,8411,317
 Non-operating income  
  Interest income411
  Foreign exchange gains--
  Rent income34
  Reversal of allowance for doubtful accounts21
  Total non-operating income1317
 Non-operating expenses  
  Interest expenses10
  Foreign exchange losses13276
  Office transfer expenses44-
  Total non-operating expenses61280
 Ordinary income2,7931,055
 Extraordinary income  
  Gain on liquidation of subsidiaries-16
  Gain on sales of subsidiaries and affiliates' stocks30-
  Gain on reversal of subscription rights to shares-6
  Total extraordinary income3022
 Extraordinary loss  
  Loss on retirement of non-current assets1-
  Provision of allowance for doubtful accounts83-
  Total extraordinary losses84-
 Profit before income taxes2,7391,077
 Income taxes828278
 (Profit attributable to)  
 Profit attributable to owners of parent1,910799
 Profit attributable to non-controlling interests00
 Other comprehensive income  
  Foreign currency translation adjustment(3)(76)
  Total other comprehensive income(3)(76)
 Comprehensive income1,907722
 (Comprehensive income attributable to)  
 Comprehensive income attributable to owners of parent1,906722
 Comprehensive income attributable to non-controlling interests00